Make your Money! Act now to apply Batterybay.net Affiliate Program!

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Do you want to have your own business? If you want to be your own boss for having online commerce website, read the criteria listed below to see whether you are qualified.
  1. Stock up over 1000 different items with at least 5 pieces in your warehouse.
  2. Familiar with all your product and able to answer any questions from buyers about both technical and usage of your product.
  3. Dispatch your every order on daily basis
  4. Establish your own website.
  5. Maintain  product database to keep your website up-to-date on daily basis.
  6. Obtain trust from buyer by joining security program and certification program.
These criteria are the basic requirement to run a webstore. Are you able to fulfill all those criteria? If you can, congraduation and you can start up your own business. If not, it doesn't mean that you never have the chance to success. You can now join Batterybay.net's affiliate program!!

By joinging our affiliate program, you can:
  1. Selling all of our products at any time, we have over 4500 product types for you to sell!!
  2. No need to stock up battery
  3. No need to reply buyers' questions as they will be answered by our sales team
  4. No need to arrange shipment everyday as Batterybay.net will do it for you.
  5. Update of new product will be sent to you via email, you don't need to worry about updating a website.
  6. No need to pay for certification program to gain buyer's trust as Batterybay.net already done that!

All you need to do is to apply the program and get the affilate ID from Batterybay.net, then bring as much as people as you can to Batterybay.net front page or product page. Once they made the order, you will get 7.8-8.3% commission for the sales amount. Our innovative affilate program enable you to help your buyer to even add the item into their cart (i.e. when the buyer clicked into the link you provided, they are already landed into the shopping cart checkout page added with what they want.).

ZERO desposit, ZERO cost. Why bother to join? Act now and join Batterybay.net affiliate program to start your own online selling business today!! You are welcome to send any question to [email protected]