Cradle Dock for Blackberry Launched In Our Inventory Now!!

Selling at Smartphonebay.net: USD $23.79 up 

- Having a spare battery but no dock to charge it??
- Too tire in plugging in the empty spare battery into the mobile phone??
- Want to get the mobile phone battery charged easyly??
- The sync cable lost and you are unable to sync your mobile with the PC now?? Smartphonebay.net got this item to help you out. The cradle dock launched this afternoon on Smartphonebay.net to solve all these trouble problem to their customers. The USB sync cradle has one battery charging slot, user can plug in the cradle with AC adaptor to enable its battery charging function. You can charge the Blackerry phone on the cradle and at the same time, sync the mobile device to your PC with ease. Grab the chance to get the USB Sync and Battery charger cradle dock system for your Blackberry mobile.