Car mount, bike mount and motocycle mount are available now

Selling at Smartphonebay.net: USD $14.79up

Smartphonebay.net received numerous enquiries about the solution for mounting the GPS or PDA onto the car panel or bike handle. So our technical team and purchasing team tried very hard to get any items that can perfectly solve the problem of their client and make them satisfied. Here comes a Capdase mobile device mount holder series released. Capdase produce high quality accessories and as a well known brand worldwide, Xell Telecom cooperate with them again to include their item into their inventory in order to provide a quality solution to their clients with relatively low price. If you also want your mobile device mounted firmly and safely on your vehicle or bike or motorcycle, check out Smartphonebay.net now. Mount holder are now available in Smartphonebay.net now at the lowest price ever!!