Battery Charger Dock for HTC Chacha A810E Released

Selling at Batterybay.net: USD $8.79

- Compatible for mobile model: HTC Chacha, Chacha A810E, PH06130, G16, Status
- AC wall plug input
- USB port to charge the mobile phone
- Over-charge, short circuit and electric shock protection
- LED indicator embedded to show the charging status
- Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 150mAh
- Outout: DC 4.2V, 350mAh �� 50mA
- USB port: 5.2V, 800mAh
- With battery docking to charge spare battery which is compatible for: BA S570, BH06100, 35H00156-00M, 35H00155-00M