Battery Buying: Getting the most bang for your buck

Today’s society is hinged largely on being mobile. He who has the coolest phone or most advanced laptop rules the roost. However, no matter how cool or advanced your mobile phone or laptop you can’t show it off with a dead battery. And few things in life these days are more disarming and annoying than pulling out your device only to find that it has died at the precise moment that you need it. Purchasing a superior battery will keep you from living this nightmare as well as keeping you from lugging around a bag filled with chargers and cables.

Finding The Right Battery 

Buying a replacement battery for your laptop or mobile phone is slightly more complicated that simply choosing AA vs. AAA. These high-tech devices were designed to work with a specific type of battery, often leaving the consumer with a limited number of options. Before committing to a battery pop the existing battery out of your device and take note of the type of battery (Li-Ion, Li-Poly, for example), or you can search for a replacement by knowing the make and model of the device itself. Once you know what kind of battery your device requires you’ll want to find one with good power. Often this is expressed in watt-hours, which will tell you how much power the battery can provide per hour. With this in mind, when shopping for batteries be sure to choose a battery with the correct grade (A, B, or C) for your device. These grades were established not as a measurement of quality but rather a measurement of the capacity and internal resistance of the battery. It’s important to note that obviously the higher the grade the higher the price.You might also opt to purchase a refurbished battery, but take care to purchase only from a trusted source, as sometimes the quality of the cells in the refurbished unit can be inferior.