Delayed postage to Brazil is expected due to strike

Dear all customers,

Got update from Brazil Post as below:
We have been facing several strikes in Brazil during last few weeks; Truck Drivers, Federal Police, Federal Highway Patrol which has affect our performance in somehow but the most important to our business are the strikes on BR Customs, Health and Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and Agriculture Surveillance Agency (VIGIAGRO). 

The strikes in the public service in Brazil has been increased with several others Governmental institutions adding to the movement.  

Various department of Brazil government joined the strike action will lead to delay ni releasing shipments from custom, inspection of imported good delay, holding of shipment in transition warehouse lengthened and longer on-the-road transit time.

We, Xell Telecom, announce here that the shipment delivery lead to Brazil is to be set at 25-43 days for order from now on. The delivery lead time is valid until further notice for the relief of the strike action in Brazil. If there is any inconvenience caused to our Brazil customer.

Cathy Liu
Manager, Logistic Department
Xell Telecom