Batterybay.net Added On Page Product Review Recently

It is nice to know that Batterybay.net now is added with a feature "Star Rating on Product" today. This hot feature is a trend to be included in any web store. This time, Xell Telecom technical team see the leads of this feature and they work so hard to add this feature onto the web store in order to serve our customer better. Now the feature is on and working properly after few weeks hard working of Xell Telecom technical team members. Thanks for them, our customer can now view other customers feedback on any product. Example of how to view the feedback is shown as the following picture.

Thanks again for Xell Technical team for the hard working on improving all the Xell Telecom web store buying experience. Here we acknowledge their years of working once again and also thanks for our customers continual support on Xell Telecom's web store (Batterybay.net, Smartphonebay.net, Xell.hk, Rctoybay.net). We will working to make our web store better and better to serve our customer with great deals.