iPhone Althernative: LG, Qualcomm Newly Released Optimus G on 19 Sept

Article cited from Engadget.com by Batterybay.net

LG and Qualcomm ask us to save the date for yet another September smartphone reveal

Not quite tired of all the big mobile news to burst out of September's gates? Well, you can add one more to the list as LG's just issued an invite for an upcoming smartphone launch. What could it be? Well, we can't say for certain, but with Qualcomm onboard as an official host, our money's on a stateside version of the Optimus G. No doubt we'll be there on the 19th to bring you the news live, so stay tuned.

Comment from Smartphonebay.net - Xell Telecom
This phone is clearly targeting users that do not like huge display mobile. This phone is expected to focus on simple functioning with basic web-surfing requirement fulfill and light weight. It is an absolutely good alternative choice for those who are not willing to relay too much on iPhone or Galaxy main stream mobile.