Strikes disrupt postal, parcel and express deliveries in Europe

Dear Customers,

Please be informed of the following from postal net work.

Picture: Spanish postal workers on strike Strikes and protests today disrupted postal, parcel and express deliveries in Europe as workers took to the streets to demonstrate against hard-hitting austerity measures.
Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France and Belgium were impacted by general strikes and stoppages as unions called out workers to protest against government austerity measures that are blamed for worsening the countries’ already weak economies. The protests were part of a ‘European Day of Action and Solidarity’.

In Spain, about 92 per cent of the country’s postal workers took part in the strike, according to the UGT union. DHL Express and parcels firm Seur both warned customers that collections and deliveries could be impacted by the strike.

In Portugal, postal services were reduced to a minimum with nearly 70 per cent of workers joining the strike, according to the SNTCT union.

In Italy, express courier SDA, a subsidiary of Poste Italiane, warned customers of operational difficulties in various parts of the country, including Roma and Bologna as well as delays to shipments for Spain and Portugal due to the strikes there.

UNI Europa Post & Logistics, the umbrella federation of postal and logistics unions in Europe, declared: “A vibrant postal sector, as part of the essential public services in Europe, is the backbone of prosperity and growth. Postal workers deliver mail and parcels, every day all over Europe and enable communication and commerce. Small and medium sized enterprises depend on stable delivery services to produce their goods and ship them to potential customers. More than this, the postal network, a network built of humans for humans, plays an important social role. Every citizen in Europe has an address and can get reached by mail every day. To cut this service means also to cut communication and economy in times of crisis.”

The organisation said it would fight against any saving measures in the postal sector, adding: “The postal sector should provide good stable and long-term employment and as such be part of a growing, secure future.” 

Apologize for customers who are affected by the strike, wish all the best in the Euro region economy.

Cathy Liu

Logistic Manger, Xell Telecom