Update from USPS for Hurricane Sandy Impact on Parcel Delivery

Dear all of our customers,

Update of the USPS service.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) wishes to advise that as a result of Hurricane Sandy, and yesterday’s snow storm that dumped 1 foot of snow on New York and Northern NJ, the Eastern seaboard of the US is still experiencing  major  transportation and operational delays. Postal operators that send their mail to OE JFK, either directly transiting via USPS offices of exchange or relying on transfers through U.S. airports, are requested to continue to hold their mail at origin or select an alternative US destination OE such as ORD, LAX or SFO until Friday 11/16/2012.

Message from Xell Telecom:

Apologize for any inconvenient to those customers who order under recent period of time. We wish you will receive the item as soon as USPS restored the service and wish all the best for people suffered in this natural disaster.

Cathy Liu
Logistic Manager, Xell Telecom