VsTank 1/24 RC Tank IR (10 MCU) German Leopard 2 A6 Winter Camouflage Restocked

Selling at Rctoybay.net: USD $138.79

This is the latest version of the VsTank Pro!! featuring the German Leopard2 A6. 

This battling system provides the continuous movement and 3D IR battling functions!! never seen before in 1/24 scale RC tanks. This VsTank Pro Infrared Battling version does not shoot airsoft BB bullets. 

Requires 6 AA batteries for the transmitter and 8 AA batteries for the tank. Bands are randomly chosen but we will not ship two tanks with the same bands unless unavailable. 

- Full function controls 
- Rotational turret up to 330 degrees 
- Adjustable angle of cannon 
- 3 forward speeds 
- 2 backward speeds 
- Exchangeable bands!! allows for 6 different players at the same time 
- Individual wheel suspension system 
- Can climb up to 40 degrees 
- 1/24 scale with high details 
- Working front and rear lights 
- Metallic Lamp!! Machine Guns and Hatch Joint 
- Aluminum Cannon 

2008 Version New Features 
- NEW continuous movement 
- NEW One button Turning and Rotation 
- NEW Two Hand controllers 
- NEW Factory painted weathering body 

Infrared Battle Features: 
- Infrared beam (no airsoft gun) 
- Battle with up to 5 other people using different bands 
- Life counting system 
- The tank flashes lights!! explosion sound and shakes when hit 
- Tread movement sounds 
- Recoiling action and firing sound when shooting 
- Invincibility after being shot 
- Real life reloading time after a shot 

One Set Includes: 
- One tank 
- One transmitter 
- One antenna 
- English manual 
- Pre-build Tank Commander and Tank Parts set