Disable the Second Core on the Xperia U for Better Battery Life with Xcore

Article cited from XDA-developers.com by Batterybay.net
Recently, we’ve seen several tweaks that offer granular control over multiple CPU cores, and the timing coincides with how multi-core devices have become commonplace this past year. We’ve seen mods that give control without root and many that still do require root. Now there is an app for the Sony Xperia U that helps give more control over that second core.
The app is called XCore, and it was posted by XDA Forum Member bliveinhack. XCore can be downloaded in the Google Play Store free of charge as well. It’s a relatively simple application. It shuts off the second core of the device’s dual core processor to help save battery life. The feature list includes:
-Simple UI
-Optimized Battery Performance
-Easy To Use
-support CM9 also
As stated, the app is very simple. Just open it, select the options you want, and go about your business as usual. XCore requires root, of course, but other than that, there aren’t any special requirements. Also, reducing the Xperia U to one core will definitely affect its performance, so those who give this a shot may not want to use this under all circumstances. But for those times when you don’t need much from your phone, it may be worthwhile to give this a shot.
For more details on XCore, check out the original thread.

Comment from Batterybay.net staff:
Nowadays, the processing speed of the mobile phone is always exceeding the amount that required. The exceeded processing ability is eating up the battery life in every seconds. Turning the excessive processing unit can really save up to 20% energy. If it is easy to do without rooting the mobile, why not give it a shot for your better battery life for your mobile? Nice XDA-developers forum users always provide extraordinary idea for making the full use of the mobile phone.