Leak out of Huawei Ascend D2 image. A Samsung Galaxy XX like mobile!!

CES 2013 will be soon upon us, and a slew of new devices will be displayed for our nerdy little hands to play with. Huawei was one of the manufacturers that was going to unveil a new flagship phone, but it seems that the internet has acted…like the internet. Leaked images of the Ascend D2 have hit the web, and I must say, a certain company with that fruit that will keep the doctor away, just might not like its design.
As you can see from the image above, anyone of us would jump to the conclusion that its an iPhone. Of course we you look at it more closely, you can see that it is made by Huawei and there are slight differences. A 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera, and Jelly Bean are supposed to be packed in this “iPhony” that will have the power of a 3000 mah battery behind it. Yeah, sounds rather nice, but I would be embarrassed to pull it out of my pocket by the way it looks. I might be overreacting, but come on, that is just a little ridiculous looking. Apple is probably already getting the lawsuit prepared. Let us know what you guys think.
Comment from Smartphonebay.net staff:
This mobile is really having a iPhone or Samsung Galaxy appearance. Probably, a lawsuit will be raised against Huawei if this flag-ship mobile will got a record high sales volume. We are looking forward to see how Huawei defend their incoming lawsuit in 2013.