Samsung Galaxy S IV could use advanced PHOLED screen tech to achieve all-day battery life

Article Cited from http://mobilesyrup.com by Smartphonebay.net
The Samsung Galaxy S IV is launching next week, that much is certain. Everything else, including its processor, its shape and its screen technology is largely up in the air, even though everyone seems to have opinions on the matter.
The latest rumour surrounding the Galaxy S IV is a fairly new AMOLED screen technology calledgreen PHOLED, which the company has been producing in relatively small quantities since early 2012. The process uses a phosphorescent material made of green and yellow parts, which last “tens of thousands of hours” longer than the equivalent blue PHOLED products and are up to 37% more energy efficient than traditional AMOLED displays.
Such application on the Galaxy S IV could lead to “all-day battery life” Samsung executives boastedwas coming in the next generation of smartphones. Battery life improvements haven’t scaled with the rest of the smartphone industry, leading to larger devices and bigger battery cells rather than more efficient applications. It’s expected that if the Galaxy S IV comes with an Exynos 5410 SoC, battery savings will need to be obtained from alternate sources.
The GS4 may also boast “floating touch,” similar to what Air View accomplishes on the Galaxy Note with the S Pen. Users may be able to hover their fingers over a folder, for example, to peak into its contents.
Comment from Smartphonebay.net Staff:
The new PHOLED Tech is expected to have a better performance then Super AMOLED. That means we can expect a brighter screen, better color and higher resolution. And not only the display quality, the tech may be a solution to strengthen the battery life that is really weak for this generation of mobile. We cannot wait to see what would happen on Samsung Galaxy S4. We will get this news followed up and will upload to here if we got any more news on this mobile phone which is focused by audience all around the world