Paypal express checkout is ready on Batterybay.net and Smartphonebay.net

You ask, we listen and work. That's the spirit of Xell Telecom. Recently, we listened voice of requesting a better and easier checkout process on our website. Although our website already had a smooth checkout process, but we never satisfied. We seeking better way to make our checkout easier ever than before. And today, we are glad to announce that paypal express checkout are now online on two of our websites: Batterybay.net and Smartphonebay.net.

With this option, customers with paypal account already registered can skip the tedious part of filling the address and other contact information during the checkout page. They will be directed to paypal payment page instantly. It makes the checkout process to be completed within seconds. 

Thanks again for our technical staff to workout this perfect integration of paypal with our website. Xell Telecom always listen to customers and work to perfection of the buying experience. Of course, without the continual support of our valuable customers, we will never have the success today. Thanks to everyone that love Xell Telecom!!! Wish you all have a great holiday time on International Labor Day!!

Benny Wong
Marketing Manager
Xell Telecom