Galaxy S4 Battery Consumption measurement

Article cited from http://androidmuffins.com by Batterybay.net

Finally we able to compare Galaxy s 4 with other phones with respect to battery timing. Today we are providing you the table which shows you battery percentage usages per hour.
If your not getting the same standby time so please follow our post “Setting to reduce the battery consumption of the Galaxy S4 (OS Edition)
ModelOSRemarksResultBattery standby in hours
Galaxy S44.2.2LTE0.867% / Hour115.3402537
Galaxy S34.1.2LTE1.759% / Hour56.85048323
Galaxy S34.1.1LTE Off1.634% / Hour61.1995104
Galaxy S34.1.1LTE2.434% / Hour41.08463435
Galaxy S34.0.4LTE1.184% / Hour54.34782609
Galaxy S24.0.33G, Extended Battery0.768% / Hour130.2083333
Galaxy S22.3.33G, Extended Battery0.385% / Hour259.7402597
Galaxy S22.3.33G0.629% / Hour158.9825119
Galaxy S2.3.33G0.502% / Hour199.2031873
Galaxy S2.2.13G0.635% / Hour157.480315

Comment from Batterybay.net

It is nice to have this table on hand to know the truth and the fact for how long Galaxy S4 battery life is. THanks androidmuffins.com!!!