Postage delay is expected in Central Euro region and Mideast US

Dear customers,

1. Shipment to Euro region is expected to have delay

Please be informed Central Europe is currently facing severe flood disasters. Affected are especially the federal states of Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia in Germany as well as Prague the capital city of Czech Republic and most parts of Austria. 

According to the German Weather Service there's no relief in sight. For some areas, even disaster alarm has been proclaimed.

As major road links are affected by flooding please be prepared for delays in mail delivery.

2. Shipment to Midwest US is expected to have delay

The Midwest of the U.S. has been hit by devastating tornadoes, severe hail and flooding. Especially affected are the states of Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana and Kansas. Several counties in Missouri and Iowa have been declared to disaster areas.

According to the Storm Prediction Center of the National Weather Service, the severe threat will continue across portions of the Great Plains.

Therefore please expect delays in mail delivery.

Cathy Liu
Logistic Manager
Xell Telecom