Concept Battery Page: We listen to you and produce what you wanted

Batterybay.net just published a page called "Concept Battery".
This page is showing batteries that is likely to be produced or proposed by any users who wanted to have certain specific battery badly.

For anyone who wanted to propose any battery project to us, you can send us an email to [email protected] Entitle the email with "Battery Proposal"
Within the email, you need to provide the following information:
a, Original Battery Part Number:
b. Capacity Wanted (mAh):
c. Compatible Device Model Number:

Any type of battery you wanted can be sent to us for request. We will list any proposed battery here for 120 days. For project over 100 people shown interest, we will get the real item released within 1 month.

Thanks for Batterybay.net for offering this page to allow customers to have chance to get what they really wanted!!