Smartphonebay.net goes multilingual and multiple currency conversion available site!!

Due to the expansion of Smartphonebay.net to a higher level, increased number of customers outside USA are now saying that Smartphonebay net is not user friendly to them. Customers feedback to our technical team that they wanted the website to have a version that is written in their primary language and listed those great items in their familiar currency. We treasure our customer and value customers' feedback. After the study, Xell Telecom Technical team worked out the solution and now upgraded Smartphonebay net into a multilingual and multiple currency website. Customers can convert the price into their familiar currency and change the language of Smartphonebay net easily by having few clicks on the left hand column. 

We listen to out customers, we contribute our best to give dedicated service to every customers come to our website. We try to work out a better solution for customers shopping experience. That's what Xell Telecom wanted to do and express to our customer.