Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases on the Market??

The first thing you should do after buying your beloved Galaxy Note 3 is to find the best case for it. However, finding the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case is not an easy task. Several of manufacturers have produces cases and covers for Galaxy Note 3, but only few of them deserve purchasing. According to reports, the main problem that faced most of the previous Galaxy Note 2 owners is the large screen vulnerability to crack. It’s extremely easy to crack it that’s why you should be careful when choosing a protective case for your Galaxy Note.
In Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases website, I have collected (what I think) the best cases, covers and screen protectors that can genuinely protect your Note 3 device from shocks, dust and accidental drops.
I have categorized the available cases in the market into 5 different categories. Depending in your preference, you may choose between flip, wallet, pouch, leather or kickstand cases. Most of the Galaxy Note 3 covers in this website are high-end cover because I believe great smartphone such as the Note 3 needs great case.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases

Choosing the best case is something subjective, so the best case for me might not suit you and vice versa. Below, I have selected the best case from each category (in my opinion) so if you’re not happy with my selection, feel free to navigate through the different categories and pick your one.

#1 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Official Case

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 3 on 4th of September along with two types of official cases:  S View Cover and the traditional Flip cover.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Cover
One thing to mention before diving into the Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 covers is the new material used in it. The traditional plastic back has now a faux leather effect added to it, finished with a delicate faux-stitched trim. This is a really a dramatic change from the ordinary plastic of Note 2, and feels much better in the hand than earlier Notes family members.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S View cover is available on sale for $64.99 through eBay.
The S View lets you use the Note 3 without even opening the cover as it includes a cut-out window where you can see all important information like the time, weather, missed calls or text messages. Your Note 3 will wake up when you open the Flip and goes to sleep when the flip is closed showing limited info and notification. According you Samsung official announcement, the S View will come in several colours matching every different life style.
The other announcement was the normal Flip cover .
The normal Flip cover does look like the S View cover, however, it does not offer the opening windows. The flip cover will be available in different colours including satin yellow,  electric red, chrome gray, glittery green,  and midnight blue and finally metallic orange.
Comment from Smartphonebay.net:
Other than official cases, OEM leather case or silicone coated hard case can also be a good choice for customers. They offer same level of protection to the mobile but the price is halved. Worth to try, Capdase case selling on Smartphonebay.net is also a very good brand to give such an offer.