Samsung gives Galaxy Note 3 owners free $50 Google Play Credit, hackers ruin the fun

Samsung had a great deal for Galaxy Note 3 owners earlier today and it has since been deactivated. Hacker soiled the deal and Samsung was forced to pull the plug. If you got in earlier today and were able to redeem your code, you’re one of the lucky few who were able to take advantage of the $50 Google Play Credit for Galaxy Note 3 owners.

The deal was supposed to last until January 6th 2014 and it has been taken off line. Some hackers managed to steal thousands of dollars in codes and have them up for sale on eBay and other outlets. I wouldn’t waste my money on trying to purchase the codes as they are all coming back invalid. Unfortunately some of you who legally acquired the code might not be able to redeem it as well hopefully Samsung is working on a fix and a better way to verify ownership and will active the promotion again.
Comment from Smartphonebay.net:
Hackers are now everywhere and getting more outrageous. They spoil the game rules, steal money online, create fraudulent transaction. They affect the user experience for purchasing and gaming online, spoil the social network and sometimes trying to threat others' online activity. Government from every country should take hackers as a serious issue and criminal case to stop this from happening again and again!!!!