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Introducing Samsung GALAXY Note 3

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hands-on Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The latest iteration of Samsung’s Note handset features new S Pen apps and a unique new back cover

When the Samsung Galaxy Note first emerged a couple of years ago, few suspected it would go on to become a cornerstone of Samsung’s Android device lineup. Yet here we are in 2013 witnessing the launch of the Galaxy Note 3, the third iteration of a highly successful device family.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 formula is a familiar one — combine a big screen with stylus input, a powerful CPU and a ton of software features. On the hardware side, the Note 3 is more or less the same size and shape as its predecessor, although it’s sporting a larger screen (5.7 inches), a larger battery (3200mAh) and a lighter weight. It’s entirely more squared-off than many recent Samsung devices, indicating a departure from the nature-inspired design language of old. If anything, the new Note resembles an old-style paper notepad — that’s mostly due to its bold new back cover design.
In a somewhat skeuomorphic turn, the plastic back has a faux leather effect to it, complete with faux-stitched trim. It’s a dramatic change from the glossy plastic of old, and feels better in the hand than earlier Notes, but it does look just a little odd — especially on the white version of the device. On the black version, it’s a bit more palatable.
As usual, Samsung’s new Note sports top-level hardware. Depending on market, you’ll get a Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip (LTE) or Exynos 5 Octa (3G), complete with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage as standard — though a 64GB version also will be offered.
The Note’s display is a massive 5.7-inch Full HD 1080p SuperAMOLED panel, which is extremely bright and bold, even more so than the Galaxy S4’s screen. Despite stretching the same number of pixels over a larger area, it’s still plenty sharp. Thanks to reduced bezels, the Note 3’s 5.7-inch display fits in much the same footprint as the Note 2’s 5.5-incher.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
Around the back — in the middle of that textured battery cover — is a 13-megapixel unit with Samsung’s own “smart stabilization” technology. Video recording is also supported at up to 4K (UHD). And beneath the back cover lurks a beastly 3,200mAh battery, which should provide ample juice.
But the Note 3’s software is where it really gets interesting. Samsung’s going to great lengths to ensure more users make the most of its S Pen stylus. Unsheath the S Pen and you’ll get an “Air Command” radial menu on-screen, showing you a selection of main stylus-based capabilities. These include basic stuff like “screen writing” — essentially a screenshot function — to more advanced capabilities like windowed apps.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
Scrapbook is a new feature that expands on the image-clipping features offered by earlier Note products. As well as capturing the area you draw around with the S Pen, Scrapbook “harvests” metadata from the app in use — for example, URLs and page data from the browser. Clippings can then be placed in various categories to create a digital collage of “favorite stuff” from both apps and the web.
Your Scrapbook, among other things, is searchable through the new S Finder app. Unlike Google Search, Samsung’s search app is focused on sorting through the mess of content that you often find on your smartphone — stuff like pictures, notes and contacts. As well as keyword search it’s possible to narrow your searches by time period or tags — including location data. Samsung says it’s using optical character recognition to properly recognize the written notes, allowing them to be searchable, and this seemed to work pretty well on the demo units pre-loaded with sample content. We’ll have to wait and see how well it performs in the real world, however.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
Similarly, this central repository of stuff on your phone can be turned into a magazine of sorts, through the new “My Magazine” app. This looks and functions a lot like Flipboard, only with a little less set-up.
Multitasking has also been switched up a little on the Note 3. The multi-window feature, which allows two apps to be run simultaneously by splitting the screen, returns with a neat new trick that lets you save combinations of apps to the sidebar. If, for example, you’re always running YouTube and the browser at the same time, well, now you can access that combination with just one tap.
But there’s yet another neat multitasking trick involving the S Pen. From the “Air Command” radial menu you can select “Pen Window,” which lets you draw a window on-screen and then populate it with an app. Like multi-window, not all apps are supported, but the core Samsung and Google apps will work just fine. Just like on a desktop OS, windowed apps can be dragged around, resized and made fullscreen, as well as minimized. Minimizing an app through Pen Window turns it into a little icon — sort of like chat heads in Facebook Home — which you can then drag around the screen.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
Multitasking on a smartphone is still something many major players are working out how to do right. And Samsung’s approach is an innovative one, but with only limited app support it’s appeal will be limited.
So as usual with a new Samsung product, we’re dealing with incrementally upgraded hardware and a slew of new software features. But the new tricks on the Note 3 aren’t nearly as arbitrary as some of the Galaxy S4’s software features seem. They’re focused on highlighting the Note’s two headline features — the giant screen and the stylus — and making them easier for consumers to use.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will launch around the world and on five U.S. carriers later this year

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iPhone 5S internals exposed in iFixit's latest teardown

Article cited from theverge.com by Batterybay.net
iphone 5s (ifixit)

Apple’s next generation of iPhones are upon us and iFixit has wasted no time tearing apart the new gold 5S. Cosmetically, there might not be a whole lot to separate the new device from last year’s model, but Apple’s packing a whole host of changes under the hood, from the new A7 system on a chip to the M7 coprocessor to the Touch ID fingerprint authentication hardware, all of which are making their big debut.
Right off the bat iFixit notes that there's a new design wrinkle: a cable connects the Touch ID sensor on the phone's home button to the Lightning connecter assembly, a tweak that will force do-it-yourselfers to exercise a little extra caution when taking apart their own devices. Digging into the phone's internals, it also becomes clear why Apple is able to boast 10 hours of talk time: the iPhone 5S has a larger battery than its predecessor. The teardown reveals a 1560mAh battery, an improvement over the 1440mAh battery in the iPhone 5. As iFixit points out, Samsung's Galaxy S4 features a significantly larger 2600mAh battery, but that's rated at just 7 hours of talk time.
Looking at the A7 SoC itself, iFixit writes that the markings "F8164A1PD" correspond with a part number from DRAM manufacturer Elpida (linked in a MacRumors forum post), indicating that Apple's A7 likely has the same 1GB of RAM found in the iPhone 5's A6 chip. (Earlier this week, Anandtech reported that the new phone does have 1GB of RAM.)
On the connectivity side of things, iFixit notes that the new phone uses a Murata Wi-Fi module that "most likely" houses a Broadcom BCM4334 radio. This would also confirm Anandtech's report that the 5S will not support the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac. The team also gets a look at the Touch ID sensor as well as the rear-facing iSight camera, and while some of the markings on the camera module do differ from previous generation phones, according to Chipworks it is still made by Sony, just like the iPhone 5's camera. As usual, iFixit is diving down into the most nuanced of details, so if you'd like to get a complete look at how Apple's latest flagship is put together, be sure to check out the teardown in its entirety.


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Samsung's first smartwatch could soon be obsolete as second version looms

Article cited from www.theguardian.com by Smartphonebay.net
Galaxy Gear
Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch received a lukewarm response on its unveiling. Photograph: Fabrizio Bensch/REUTERS
Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch released earlier in September could be obsolete within months as it works on a new version. according to reports from Korea.
The Gear was unveiled on 4 September amid huge anticipation about the potential of "wearable computing" at the IFA show in Berlin.
But early responses were lukewarm, with testers pointing to the stated battery life of just 25 hours, and the limited number of devices with which the Gear can communicate - presently just the Galaxy Note 3 "phablet" and Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, though more are expected to be added.
The launch was seen by some as having been rushed after rumours emerged earlier in the year that Apple was working on an "iWatch" - reckoned to be a smart watch of some form. That was reinforced after the US company registered the iWatch trademark in Japan, and last week described a new "M7" processor in its new top-end 5s iPhone which could be used to monitor movement.
At the time of the Gear launch Ian Fogg, director for mobile and telecoms at research company IHS commented that the Gear was "a prototype masquerading as a commercial product—and because of that, it is unlikely to be successful in the market." He said that "the device exhibits multiple shortcomings, including a high price tag, a short battery life, its status as a companion device and its limited compatibility. The bottom line is the Galaxy Gear smartwatch probably will not succeed in the market and Samsung will need to try again with a more refined product."
Other testers noted that there was a noticeable time lag in trying to operate the device's tiny touch screen, and that the menus were unintuitive. The inclusion of speakers, a microphone and a camera puzzled them - and the $299 price was criticised as too high.
Now a report in Daum, based in Samsung's homeland of South Korea, suggests that the Galaxy Gear was "just the first… to determine the market reaction" and that an upgraded version, perhaps to be announced in January at the US Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or March's Mobile World Congress (MWC), would also offer location-based services via a built-in GPS chip.
Samsung had not responded to a request for comment by publication time.
The smartwatch and broader "wearable computing" categories are expected to become an important market. But analysts have been less persuaded by Samsung's launch into the market.
IHS reckons that smartwatch shipments will hit 268,000 in 2013, of which a large number will be from the Californian company Pebble, which has shipped more than 100,000 units and is on sale in a number of US retail chains, and Sony, which has launched its second-generation smartwatch.
IHS says that shipments will rise sharply in 2014, but only to 2.6m units. "In the longer term, shipments are expected to reach much higher volumes, with units rising to nearly 39m units in 2018," it notes.
Comment from Smartphonebay.net Staff:
Samsung Galaxy Gear got to be great if it is not followed by the release of new generation of their smartwatch within a flash. During the Galaxy Gear first release, the interval between the first generation and second generation is not enough. As a consumer, we don't want our mobile device in use looked out-dated and seem like an older generation product. Samsung should learn from Google not to be too Greedy to make money by keep producing new generation of mobile device while the function is not having a great improve!! Consumer are not stupid to chase after Samsung for new generation product!!


iPhone 5C preorders to total 1M in first day

Apple is on track to presell half as many iPhones as it did last year, according to a new analyst report.

Apple may be on track to sell half as many iPhone 5Cs in the first 24 hours as it did with last year's iPhone 5, according to a new report.
Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster issued a note late Friday saying he expects Apple to tally up first-day preorders of around 1 million. That would be roughly half the 2 million preorders Apple reported following its first day of presales for last year's iPhone 5, and closer to the company's total ahead of 2011's iPhone 4S.
The big difference, of course, is that Apple is now selling two devices -- the less-expensive 5C, and the 5S -- both of which are a replacement to last year's iPhone 5, which has been discontinued. The 5C is the only device up for presale at the moment, with Apple planning to begin sales of the 5S at 12:01 a.m. PT next Friday, as well as through its carrier partners.
Along with the estimate, Munster said that consumer sentiment for Apple's 5C model is "improving" since the device was unveiled earlier this week. That's based on a study of Twitter users who were being tracked over the past few days.
"We believe people who followed tech closely and were interested in the announcement panned the 5C since it had minimal changes from the 5, but as more normal people became involved in the conversation, it appears that color matters to consumers and the 5C could be more popular among the total consumer base than some may have expected," Munster wrote.
Apple is expected to announce first-day presales tomorrow, something it's done for the past three iPhone models.


Galaxy Gear smartwatch earns points for app ecosystem, but lacks in battery life

Article cited from http://globalnews.ca by Batterybay.net
TORONTO – Samsung has finally lifted the veil on its highly anticipated smartwatch, a smartphone companion device that the tech giant suggests is a fashionable and futuristic way to enhance users’ mobile experience.
Dubbed ‘Galaxy Gear,’ the device acts as an extension of Samsung mobile devices by alerting users to incoming phone calls, messages and social networking notifications.
The device even allows users to answer phone calls by speaking into their wrist – Inspector-Gadget-style.

Read More: Galaxy Gear smartwatch gives a glimpse of wearable tech’s potential

But – fancy futuristic features aside – Galaxy Gear has the chance to change consumer opinion on wearable technology.
Samsung is not the first technology company to release a smartwatch – in fact Sony introduced its latest smartwatch in June and Apple is said to be working on its own version – but the tech-enabled wrist watch fad has yet to really take off with consumers.
At first glimpse, Samsung’s device totes an impressive amount of features that may bode well for its success.


Wearable tech enthusiast and technology writer Tom Emrich said that while Galaxy Gear’s touch screen, voice activation and notification syncing capabilities were all expected, Samsung managed to surprise with the addition of a camera built into the wrist band of the watch.
Though Emrich noted that the camera’s quality will not be enough to compete with smartphones, at only 1.9 megapixels, the ease of capturing a moment will be a plus for users.
After wearing Google Glass for a while I do see the value of having a wearable camera, so I do see people using that to take a quick image in the moment because it’s there,” said Emrich.
And Samsung has tapped right into that idea – nicknaming the camera “Memographer” during its unveiling.


But one of the most impressive features about Gear may be one of the least obvious, according to Emrich.
Galaxy Gear will launch with an app store of 70 applications, including big names like Life360, Path and Evernote, and has more apps on the way.
“The fact that there are going to be 70 apps at launch sounds small – because there are 800,000 Android apps on the market – but we really shouldn’t underestimate how big of a feat that was,” said Emrich.
Emrich noted that this is a bonus for Samsung because a main complaint amongst early adopters of wearable technologies is the lack of apps. Google Glass – which is still in its developer testing stage – only has 12 official apps so far and Sony’s smartwatch only boasts about 40.
“The fact that there is an app ecosystem indicates that those brands believe in this technology; the consumer may not think about that, but from an industry perspective the fact that there are big players taking the time out to develop for yet another device says a lot,” said Emrich.

It’s Fashionable

Another thing Gear has going for it is its looks.
“I was really happy to hear that they were focusing on this as a fashion icon, or a fashion piece. At the end of the day this is something people are wearing,” said Emrich, who added that while the device isn’t futuristic-looking, it’s sleek enough for everyday wear.

Gallery: First look at Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Compared to another popular smartwatch – the Pebble – the device feels a bit more luxurious. While the Pebble is made of plastic (which does make it less expensive), Gear is made of stainless steel.
“Considering that Samsung has always been banged as being the cheaper version of Android, having plastic phones, I was impressed with what seemed to be a very quality build,” said Emrich.
The device also comes in a variety of colours.
But the device also has its pitfalls – as with any new technology.

Lack of devices

Gear will be compatible initially with two Samsung products also unveiled Wednesday – the Galaxy Note III, which is a smartphone with a giant 5.7-inch screen and a digital pen, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a tablet computer with a 10.1-inch screen.
This leaves Galaxy S4 users, like Emrich, left with no choice but to upgrade their device if they want to get the smartwatch.
Though it is rumoured that Samsung will update the operating system on its older devices (ike the S4) to be compatible with Gear, it leaves some users feeling alienated in the meantime.
“It would have been nice for them to come out and say that the S4 was compatible at launch to give them that warm fuzzy feeling and not seem like they are trying to up-sell their customers on a whole new phone at the same time,” said Emrich.

Short battery life

Emrich said he was most disappointed in the battery life of the device.
“With it having only a full day’s worth of battery, if you forget to charge it you aren’t going to wear it,” he noted.
Gear goes on sale in the U.S. and Japan next month. The rest of the world will get the chance to purchase it sooner, on Sept. 25, with prices starting at $299.

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Introducing Samsung GALAXY Note 3

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Doctor Wearing Google Glass Live Streams Surgery

Article cited from http://mashable.com by Smartphonebay.net

A surgeon in Ohio wearing Google Glass live streamed a knee surgery to remote colleagues, demonstrating how the medical world can use wearable technology like Glass.
Dr. Christopher Kaeding, a surgeon at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, was performing a surgery on a 47-year-old patient's injured knee ligament, during this milestone event. Kaeding wore Google Glass during the surgery to show his live point-of-view to people miles away, according to the university statement.

Kaeding's Ohio State colleagues and several medical students watched the surgery on video from different locations in Columbus, Ohio.
"To be honest, once we got into the surgery, I often forgot the device was there," Dr. Kaeding said in a news release. "It just seemed very intuitive and fit seamlessly."

Glass' potential for doctors goes beyond the ability for remote observation and collaboration with colleagues anywhere in the world. University officials said experts believe doctors could use Glass during surgery for calling up X-rays, viewing patient MRIs and referencing other reports and materials.
Developers are already tapping into Glass' potential for the medical community. The MedRef for Glass app was designed for hospital employees and uses facial-recognition technology to pull patient information.
Images: The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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