Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: What You Need To Know Before Buying

Article Cited from Forbes.com by Smartphonebay.net

Tablets are a tough market.  Unless you are Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo, or ASUS, the tablet market hasn’t been very kind to you.  Just because you do well in smartphones or personal computers doesn’t guarantee you will do well in tablets, either.  Tablet makers will do everything to differentiate their tablets. Amazon subsidizes their cheap tablets with a proprietary app and media store and also has direct video chat with a “helper”.  Apple had first mover advantage and now differentiates on experience, quality, the biggest tablet app store, and brand.  Samsung has adopted the ” spray and pray” approach that actually works well for huge, 800 pound gorilla companies. Whatever the input method, screen size, or price, Samsung will have something to offer you.  One of Samsung’s biggest methods of differentiation is on input method, featured in the Samsung Galaxy Note product line with the S-Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note line of tablets use a pen, the “ S-Pen” to control the tablet, but also to draw with, take notes and annotate.  I had the chance to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for a month and I wanted to share information that should help you decide whether you buy one or not.  This isn’t a comprehensive review.  You can find those all over the web.  This is is a list of important things based on my nearly 25 years strategizing, analyzing, planning, developing, launching and managing 100′s of products in my career.
Here are some things you need to know:
  • Finicky Pen Interaction: The S-Pen isn’t as easy to use as pen and paper and takes some getting used to.  First, the “S-Pen” is tiny at 5.5mm.  It’s like writing with one of your kid’s broken pencils they use in kindergarten.  It’s short, skinny, and narrow. Secondly, only apps deigned to work with the S-Pen will work.  Standardized on Evernote or Microsoft OneNote?  You are out of luck as you cannot use the S-Pen do write notes or draw pictures.  Samsung does include apps with the Note, like aNote HD, S Note, and paper Artist, but they’re not best-of-breed apps.
  • Feels Dated: As Apple, HTC and stock Google Android phones moved to more modern looking icons combined with the always-modern look of Windows Phone look and feel, the Samsung Galaxy Note did not.  But if you like the skeuomorphic look of the Apple of yore, you are in luck, all the way down to the feather screen background and leather-looking cover of aNote HD and S Note.  Heck, even the pen is brown and the packaging has wood grain as if it is inspired by wood.
  • Feels Plasticky: Most tablets are made of some kind of plastic, but not all feel like it.  The Samsung Galaxy Note definitely feels plasticky.  Compare that with the Google Nexus 7 (2013) and the Nvidia Tegra Note that are both made from plastic, but have rubberized coatings so they are less slippery, more resistant to fingerprints, and don’t feel cheap.  iPads definitely don’t feel cheap as they are made from machined aluminum, not cheap-feeling plastic.
  • Back Button Reversed: Most every new Android device has the back button on the left side of the tablet.  The Samsung Galaxy Note has it on the right. I cannot tell you how incredibly difficult this was to get used to given every single Android device I have has it on the other side.  Sometimes being different isn’t good.
  • 8″ Display: The Galaxy Note has an 8″ screen like the iPad mini, but larger than both the Nexus 7 (7″) and Tegra Note (7″), giving it around 8 square inches or 37% more viewable image  area.  That should be balanced against the Note’s lower resolution and PPI.
  • Low Resolution and PPI: Tablets priced between $399 and $349 have screen resolutions like 1,920×1,280 with the Nexus 7 or 2,048×1,536 with the iPad mini with Retina. The Samsung Galaxy Note operates at 1,280×800.  Why does this matter? Well, on the mini and Nexus 7, you will see between 2.4 -3X more detail, or pixels, on the display when compared to the Galaxy Note. There is a big pixel per inch difference, too as the mini (Retina) and Nexus 7 (2013) have between 72-75% higher PPI, meaning you will see more details and less pixels.
  • Decent Camera: Most tablets have crummy cameras, particularly Android tablets, and  Apple and Nokia have really had the lock on decent tablet cameras.  The Samsung Galaxy Note has a pretty good camera.  It’s not great like the iPad, but it’s good, and certainly better than the Nexus 7.
  • Cool Features:  If you are into exploring technology, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a great choice as it is a geeky Swiss Army Knife of geeky features you may, or may not ever use, but they are cool.  First, it has WiFi Direct, meaning you can connect to any other WiFi Direct device without the need for a router.  It also has Miracast screen sharing meaning you can show what is on the tablet on a TV that has Miracast.  The Note also has “Smart Screen” where as long as you look at the tablet, the screen will stay on.  You can even take a picture by saying, “Cheese”, “Capture”, “Smile” and “Shoot”.  It does work, for real.
  • Pricey: The Galaxy Note is expensive and has a suggested retail price of $399, but you can find it at $349 at certain retail stores.  You can get an iPad mini for $299, and iPad mini with Retina for $399, and an Nvidia Tegra Note 7 for $199.  The Galaxy Note is overpriced, but if you can get it at $249, it would be a good deal.
  • Slow Benchmark Performance: The Galaxy Note 8 is a very poor benchmark performer when compared to other products in its class like the iPad mini with Retina display, Nexus 7 (2013), and the Nvidia Tegra Note 7. This low benchmark performance plays out in benchmark after benchmark.  I attribute this to a very slow, home-grown, Samsung chip, the Samsung Exynos 4412, which uses an ARM Cortex A9, used primarily in mid-range phones, not premium-priced tablets. Other premium tablets use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, 600, Nvidia Tegra 4, or ARM Cortex A15 based SoC.  I do want to add that the Note did have “snap” when opening folders and moving between panes, which I attribute to decent 2D graphics.
  • Short Battery Life: I thought the battery life felt short when I used it.  Anand over at AnandTech pegged battery life pretty low with his benchmarks and reinforced my non-technical experiential perceptions.  The Note has particularly low battery life when hitting 3D functions that can be found in games.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t a bad product, it just isn’t remotely competitive where it is priced.  Priced between $399-349, if you are looking for pen interaction with really good performance at nearly half the price, you are better off with Nvidia’s Tegra Note 7.  If you are looking for the top of the line experience, great overall performance, the highest quality workmanship, you are better off going with the iPad mini with Retina at $399.  If you are looking for a very good balance of features and performance, you are better off getting the Nexus 7 (2013) at $249.  Let me know if you agree below.
NOTE: While most of my product evaluations go directly to my analyst client base, I will do some evaluations publicly for a broader audience like Forbes.  These public evaluations are for high-volume, well-distributed or unique products.


Samsung gives Galaxy Note 3 owners free $50 Google Play Credit, hackers ruin the fun

Samsung had a great deal for Galaxy Note 3 owners earlier today and it has since been deactivated. Hacker soiled the deal and Samsung was forced to pull the plug. If you got in earlier today and were able to redeem your code, you’re one of the lucky few who were able to take advantage of the $50 Google Play Credit for Galaxy Note 3 owners.

The deal was supposed to last until January 6th 2014 and it has been taken off line. Some hackers managed to steal thousands of dollars in codes and have them up for sale on eBay and other outlets. I wouldn’t waste my money on trying to purchase the codes as they are all coming back invalid. Unfortunately some of you who legally acquired the code might not be able to redeem it as well hopefully Samsung is working on a fix and a better way to verify ownership and will active the promotion again.
Comment from Smartphonebay.net:
Hackers are now everywhere and getting more outrageous. They spoil the game rules, steal money online, create fraudulent transaction. They affect the user experience for purchasing and gaming online, spoil the social network and sometimes trying to threat others' online activity. Government from every country should take hackers as a serious issue and criminal case to stop this from happening again and again!!!!


Leaked Samsung Memo Points to January KitKat Release for Galaxy S 4 and Note 3, S III and Note II by April

When Google released Android 4.4 KitKat 23 days ago, we all knew that it would be quite some time before most users would have the chance to play with the OS on their own devices. Sure, the Google Nexus 5 launched with the OS, but what about those with older phones? Thankfully, the update news has been gradually coming through, with most manufacturers giving timetables as to when the the updates will come. Then there’s Motorola, which has gone above and beyond by actually starting the rollouts on certain variants of the Moto X.
Unfortunately, Samsung has yet to officially state when their Galaxy line up will receive the KitKat goods. Moreover, they haven’t even said which devices will receive updates. But now thanks to a leaked internal memo, it looks like the updates are at least in the works. Naturally, the company’s new flagships (the Galaxy S 4 and the Note 3) will receive the updates first. This leaked memo states an anticipated January 2014 date. Next up are the Galaxy S III andNote II, which should receive the goods between March and April.
While the update won’t be here in time for the Holiday season, at least we now know that it’s (probably) coming relatively soon. Are you pleased with Samsung’s update schedule, or are you disappointed that the updates are lagging far behind Good Guy Moto? Let us know in the comments below!


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tips and one-handed tricks

Article cited from http://www.pocket-lint.com By Smartphonebay.net

Big phones are the best phones, that's just a simple fact. Follow the logic from your TV, a bigger screen is better, makes TV more enjoyable and more immersive. So phones should be the same. Well, yes, in theory.
The problem is, a phone is held in one hand and carried about, a TV isn't. But Samsung knows that most normal-handed people will struggle with the larger size of the Note 3. So to help it has built in some thoughtful features that make it easier to use.
In this video, we've taken a look at the best ones, explained how to get them to work for you and shown the process. We hope it helps, but remember, the Note 3 is an amazing device, on of the best phones on the market, so don't rule it out just because you think it might be too big, because we can help.
As you might know, Samsung has for some time included a keyboard that is capable of one-handed operation. In this mode, you can push the keyboard to one side of the screen or the other. This enables you to type with just your thumbs but it also extends to the unlock pattern too, which we've found most useful.
Even better though, is "use for all screens" which basically creates a smaller screen within the main screen for you to use any app, and even the homescreens with a single hand. Activated by a simple gesture, this function means that you can use the whole phone when you're on a single hand.
We trust this is helpful, but if you have more questions, you can always ask in the comments below, and we'll try and answer them for you.


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Comparing IPAD AIr and Surface 2, Which one you choose?

Last month was clearly a month for in-your-face tablet wars. While the leading brand in the space - Apple - announced a new name for their latest 'thinner, lighter, and more powerful' iPad - iPad Air, the underdog-in the space - Microsoft - started selling Surface 2 at Microsoft Stores and elsewhere, and far from all this, in Abu Dhabi, Nokia announced their first ever tablet device - Nokia Lumia 2520 - backing
Microsoft with the much, although unnecessarily, maligned Windows RT platform.

I use a first-generation Surface RT as my primary machine, and since I got it around the launch last year, my iPad 3 has been relegated to the closet. My work as a columnist and consultant needs each of the following five features, and that makes me pick the Surface 2 over iPad Air. Or Nokia Lumia 2520 now, maybe.


None of the Surface marketing campaigns is without the showcase of Microsoft Office. Not just a business use case, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are the go-to productivity apps for students, independent professionals, employees. An essential for business users, Microsoft also brought Outlook to Surface with the Windows 8.1 update that Surface 2 comes bundled with. Apple's iWork, or other alternatives on iOS, are only poor man's Office.


If there's one accessory that defines a product it is made for, it's the keyboard cover for Surface. Backlit, thin, and smartly designed for easy attach and disconnect, Type Cover and Touch Cover double up as a screen cover, shutting down display when closed to preserve battery life.

With a QWERTY keyboard, a full row of Function keys (F1-F12), Windows shortcut keys, media controls, and a trackpad, the Touch Cover and Type Cover marry the speed and comfort of a classic keyboard with super-thin, lightweight design. And it's available in many colors!


How do most people transfer files, or exchange quick files with friends and colleagues? No, not Dropbox or SkyDrive or any other similar cloud service. The answer is pen drives! All my files live on the cloud, but not everybody in my family and friends are all in on the cloud.

Also, the USB 3.0 port on Surface allows one to use older peripherals which use a transceiver (like the Microsoft Arc Keyboard that I use), external hard disks, charge a phone or gadget, or instantly transfer photos from a camera. The lack of USB port on iPad has been a forever crib for most.


Surface offers a microSD card slot, supporting up to 64GB of additional, swappable storage. Take that, iPad! You can move your traditional documents, pictures, and music folders to the microSD card for a seamless integration with the file system.


While I don't usually point to specifications in a debate, the front camera on iPad is a 1.2MP is a downer in front of the 3.5MP camera on Surface 2. For Skype calls and Lync meetings, that's a good edge to have.


Sony Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra might go directly to KitKat in January, Xperia Z, ZR, ZL getting Android 4.3 first

Owners of the flagship Sony Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra will be delighted to learn that their devices might go straight to Android 4.4 KitKat in the end of January/beginning of February timeframe, insiders have indicated.

Sony Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra might go directly to KitKat in January, Xperia Z, ZR, ZL getting Android 4.3 firstThey will skip the jump to Android 4.3 and get the latest directly, but the older Sony phones from this year, such as the Xperia ZZL and ZR, are going to get Android 4.3 first, as scheduled by year-end, and then eventually receive the KitKat sweetness.

Sony already tweeted that it will have more news about the Android 4.3 and 4.4 updates this week, so it should be confirming soon whether this rumor about a direct jump to KitKat for the Z1 and Z Ultra will pan out.


Replacement LCD Screen for Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 Released

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Xell Telecom Staff were invited to join Google Digi Camp on 6 Nov 2013

Xell Telecom were invited to join Google Digi Camp

It is honorable to announce that Xell Telecom is being invited to participate in Google big events in Hong Kong. Xell Telecom staff were invited to join Google Digi Camp on 6 Nov 2013 to share information and users experience with other google users. Within the venue, we got lots of useful information and also pioneer technology service of web application. Also with the sharing of Google Marketing Director about creativity and advertisment, we are inspired to produce more interesting advertisement in the coming quarter. Thanks Google and thanks to all others who supported Xell Telecom. Last but not least, we greatly appreciate our customers continual support to help the growth of Xell Telecom!! Thanks all!!

Demonstration of successful marketing campaign on YOUTUBE

  Demonstration of new google product

Presentation by Google Asia Pacific Creative Director 

Art, Copy & Code Application and Demonstration by Blurberry and Volvo

Nice Venue Setting and great refreshment provided with wine and Volka


iPad Air Has Blockbuster Opening Weekend

According to data from app marketing platform Fiksu, the iPad Air is “is seeing five times the usage the iPad 4 did two days after launch – and more than 3 times that of the iPad mini.” The new iPad Mini with Retina Display has yet to launch.
The data come from “millions” of iOS devices using Fiksu client apps.
iPad Air launch
At this early point “the iPad Air is seeing twice as much usage as the iPad 4 and the iPad mini combined,” according to Fiksu.
The iPad Air received very positive reviews across the board. It’s likely to have a very strong holiday season, notwithstanding competition from Google, Microsoft and Amazon tablets.
The new iPad Mini launches later this month. We’ll see whether that impacts iPad Air momentum or simply grabs more tablet “shelf space” for Apple.


Google Chromebook Goes Green: New Laptop Packaging Made From Blend of Sustainable Plant Fibers

Google has long been known as one of the world’s most innovative companies and they are once again raising the bar for packaging of high-end consumer electronic goods by choosing to launch the latest edition of the Chromebook laptop in a custom designed plant fiber tray.  Google partnered with Be Green Packaging to develop and ultimately manufacture the tray in the company’s state of the art production facilities.
Google HP Pack Closed with Band
This past year, Be Green Packaging had major R&D breakthroughs which led to the introduction of zero degree draft angle technology, making it possible to execute complex designs that the tech industry had been demanding.
“The new technology that Be Green has exclusively developed opens the door to a whole range of design capabilities that allow us to take tree-free, plant fiber packaging into new markets and areas.  In every sense, this is the future of packaging.” stated Robert Richman, Be Green’s President of Manufacturing.
Be Green’s proprietary plant fiber blend offers a number of benefits over traditional forms of packaging such as paperboard and plastic.  The fibers Be Green works with are rapidly renewable, abundant and grow like weeds in many parts of the world, unlike trees, which take years to develop and mature and are being cut down faster than they can be replenished.  Unlike plastic, no petrochemicals are used in the manufacturing of Be Green’s plant fiber blend.  Furthermore, the company holds seven eco-social certifications from some of the world’s most respected, independent organizations such as the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, the Non-GMO Project, the Biodegradable Products Institute and the USDA Biobased Product Program, among others.
google chromebook plant fiber packaging
As a founding principle of the company, Be Green Packaging’s current business model has been shaped in thought and practice by adherence to the triple bottom line philosophy.  “Embracing the environment and social equity in addition to profitability is part of our overarching goal of being a truly holistic, sustainable enterprise,” said Ron Blitzer, CEO, of the company’s ideals.  “Our commitment to getting our products, facilities and operations independently certified is helping us lead the industry in terms of accountability and transparency and forward-thinking companies like Google recognize and appreciate that.”
Google’s new Chromebook laptop has begun shipping from online retailers worldwide and will be hitting retail shelves in the coming weeks and months.
*No sustainability claims are yet being made for the new Google Chromebook packaging and it is currently undergoing testing for a potential Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification, although nothing has yet been awarded.  All sustainability claims are made only for Be Green Packaging’s plant fiber blend which is used in all Be Green Packaging products.


iFixit tears apart Apple's new iPad Air

Article cited from engadget.com by Smartphonebay.net

Apple's new lighter and thinner full-sized iPad has only just embarked on its world tour and already the intrepid teardown specialists at iFixit have had the thing in pieces. So, what's the verdict? Like its older sibling, the iPad mini, the iPad Air didn't perform too well on the repairability scale, scoring two out of 10. To be fair, Apple has ensured that the LCD and front glass are separate components, aiding any future replacements, with LG supplying a thinner display for this particular model. However, while the two-cell battery isn't soldered tight, iFixitmaintains that the liberal application of adhesive makes it one of its most "difficult battery removal procedures to date." With a combination of glue and sticky tape hindering access to the Air's internals, Apple ensures at-home repairs are less than ideal, but that won't affect your decision to purchase one, right?

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