This new battery can fully charge your smartphone in 30 seconds

Cited from http://exergynews.com/

Israel-based company, StoreDot, has developed a battery that can charge a smartphone in just 30 seconds, and could be scaled up to charge an electric car within minutes.

A new battery developed by researchers at StoreDot, a technology company based in Tel Aviv, is able to store a super-high charge so fast, it can charge your smartphone in 30 seconds flat.

Demonstrated at the 2014 Microsoft Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv 
earlier this year, StoreDot’s prototype battery fully charged a dead Samsung Galaxy S4 in just 26 seconds. “To charge that in 26 seconds would require 100mAh [milliampere-hour] of charge to be delivered every second,” says Steve McCaskill at TechWeek Europe. “Put more simply, that’s 360A [amps] of current, which sounds a lot, but is of course only delivered in the secondary circuit of the charger (transformer). so your household wiring will be safe.”