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The McDonnel Douglas F15 Eagle is a twin engine aerial combat tactical fighter. It first flew in 1972 and entered US service in 1976. Maneuverability and tight turn radii are key to the success of this aircraft, this was enabled by the low wing loading and high thrust output.Like its full size brother the FMS F15 has a great power to weight ratio and is extremely agile. When slowed down it still retains excellent flight characteristics, it remains stable and predictable even when landing. The desert color scheme presents itself very well and makes it a high contrast model when it's in the air. The outrunner brushless motor and balanced fan unit provide a high octane EDF at a great price.Gone are the days of night after night building, following the step by step photo assembly guide, this aircraft will be ready to fly right out the box before the battery has charged. We know you are going to enjoy this little gem.

Wingspan: 710mm/28in
Overall Length: 960mm/37.8in
Flying Weight: Around 660g
Motor Size: Brushless 2627-KV4600
ESC: 30A
Servo: 9g Servo x 5
Radio: 4 Channel
CG (center of gravity): 88mm (From Leading Edge)
Prop Size: No
Recommended Battery: Li-Po 11.1V 1300 mAh 25C
Aileron: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: No
Retracts: No
Approx. Flying Duration: 5 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: 1 hour
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Material Durable: EPS
Package Options: PNP
Requires Requires: Radio System, Battery and Charger