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iPhone Battery Preservation Tips for the Hurricane

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Hurricane Irene is set to arrive in the DC area tomorrow afternoon, and with it possible power outages throughout the Metro DC region. Here are a few tips to keep your iPhone lasting as long as possible:
  • Turn off Push Notifications. You really don’t need a message from Facebook that Janie’s dog did the cutest thing.  Settings > Notifications > Off
  • Turn off Bluetooth. You’re not driving in a hurricane. Turn off Bluetooth to save a bit of extra juice. Settings > General > Bluetooth > Off
  • Turn off 3G. The goal here isn’t updating Twitter or keeping up on work email, it’s preservation of the phone so you can call Pepco or BG&E when the power goes down. Moving to EDGE data will help. Settings > General > Network > 3G Off
  • Turn off Location Service. If you’re hunkered down, you know where you are. You can always turn this on for a bit to see where the nearest pizza place is:Settings > General > Location Services > Off
  • Turn off Push email & calendaring. Again, this is a hurricane, so you don’t need that calendar invite from your cousin right away. Same for the email from your mother in law. If they need you, they’ll call, which is what we’re saving battery for. Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendars > Fetch New Data > Push: Off
  • Turn off auto-check of email. If you’re important enough to need this, you’re important enough to be somewhere with a gen-set, a massive flywheel UPS, and redundant bandwidth. Turn it off. Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendars > Fetch New Data > Manually
  • Turn down your screen brightness. Given how dark these storms are, you can lower your brightness from blinding to dim. Settings > Brightness
  • Shorten your auto-lock period. See previous statement about hunkering down. This is more to save battery than be convenient. I’ll forgive you for turning off your passcode (if you can) for this weekend, if you want. Turn it back on Monday. Settings > Auto-Lock > 1 Minute.
  • Make sure to kill graphics-heavy apps like Angry Birds. From the home screen, double-press the Home Button, then press and hold on the app icon, then hit the red minus at the top of the icon in the switcher tray.
  • If coverage goes out, switch to Airplane Mode. In the event of cell coverage going out, or worse, getting spotty, switch to Airplane Mode for a while. Searching for signal is very battery intensive.
Alright, that ought to do it for now. Good luck and good hunting.

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It is a good tips, turn off all the unnecessary functions can save lots of energy. In addition for further secure for the iPhone energy, always got your power bank charged to full power and take it out for usage only if necessary. The power bank can be acquired on or at USD 37.79. Take a look at your additional energy security during the Hurricane season!! 


US Postal Service Delayed Due to Hurricane Irene

Dear Customer,

Here is the update news for United States Postal Service:

This follows from the earlier announcement indicating that the New York JFK International Service Center was effectively shut down after the JFK Airport Authority closed the in and out ramps effective 12 noon Saturday, August 27, 2011 because of Hurricane Irene.

 In its official website, the New York John F. Kennedy International Airport has announced that it is open to arriving flights from 6 a.m. Monday, Aug. 29, 2011 and to departing flights from 12 noon Monday Aug 29, 2011.

 Surface transportation - both inbound and outbound to Montreal and Toronto, Canada - remains a challenge for Canada Post and US Postal Service as Highway 87 is temporarily closed.

 Hurricane Irene has effectively left the United States.

 Further updates will be provided as more detailed information is received from the affected areas.

International mail operations at the New York JFK ISC are expected to normalize by 12 noon tomorrow, August 30, 2011.

However, it should be noted that Hurricane Irene left a path of destruction along the entire Eastern seaboard of the United States in its wake. Widespread power outages and flooding are common, restoration of electricity in several areas may take several days to complete, and public transportation networks and links are severely disrupted , in addition to the loss of lives and severe property damage.

 Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Cathy Liu
Logistic Department Manager
Xell Telecom